With @fewandfarcollective Spring line in the bag and ready for tomorrow’s shoot, I can finally catch up some sleeps.

Stoked to see my @sailorjerry “flash sheet” at @queenstreettattoo (Hawaii) still doing the rounds! Much love @bright_and_bold

You’ve got a couple of hours left to clean up with @fewandfarcollective’s off END OF WINTER SALE!

T’s from $20, all hats $30, hoods/crews and jackets $60 ⚡️ ENDS TONIGHT.

I never thought I’d wear a ring but I couldn’t resist this guy by @cortjewellery. So damn cool.

Permanent Vacation 🌴

I’m so damn excited about this!! Sadly it’s for one night BUT we haven’t held back - We’ve got 2 new garments to release and will be kicking off our ‘END OF WINTER’ sale too. So come hang!

TOMORROW @nextmelbourne 9pm 🎉

I’m blown away @scourge999 - Straight to the top shelf 🙌

This was one was for my “little” cousin …the one that just married the man of her dreams. Time flys huh. Congratulations once again Marn, stoked you guys liked it 💘💘

Ready for #melbournefashionweek!

Thanks again @deansunshine - IOU big time 🙌

RIP @jboyadams 🙌

In conjunction to my last post regarding ‘Kick Push 4 Parker’ charity - I’ve decided to sell this set of A4 originals and donate half the proceeds to the good cause!

This said, I’m happy to let the set go for $310 (postage paid) and I’ll also throw in extra stuffs for you as well as my thank you.

If you’d like these, please email info@steenjones.com

Finished. It was fun to paint something for myself, my own sanity and at my own pace for once! R.I.P PAC.


Got rained on but pushed through. RIP 🙌


Gap fillin’ at @josh_killermerch HQ 🔪