In conjunction to my last post regarding ‘Kick Push 4 Parker’ charity - I’ve decided to sell this set of A4 originals and donate half the proceeds to the good cause!

This said, I’m happy to let the set go for $310 (postage paid) and I’ll also throw in extra stuffs for you as well as my thank you.

If you’d like these, please email

Finished. It was fun to paint something for myself, my own sanity and at my own pace for once! R.I.P PAC.


Got rained on but pushed through. RIP 🙌


Gap fillin’ at @josh_killermerch HQ 🔪

Have you checked out @fewandfarcollective’s WINTER ‘14 range yet?

It’s my biggest and proudest work to date and it wouldn’t have been possible or executed as well as it was without the help of @melissafindley @cold_waters @iamallarna @josh_killermerch @honey429_ @thomasdavenport - I love and owe you guys thank you all so much.

Reworked an old classic for @catmcneil and sent it on its way to NYC! Thanks again, was a blast!

"Find a job you love and you never work a day in your life"

I’m featured in this months German “Tattoo Kulture’ magazine and very happy about it. Lost for words, too. Thank you so much guys - you made my day.

Was good to break out of the studio and paint the new cocktail menu for @laundrybar and @redbullau - Bummed I had to drive and not stay and sample them all ha ha 🍸

First painting in a minute. Feels good man

New design for soon-to-be-released Australian brand ‘Journey Apparel’

Cheers @matt_journeys

Last minute design for @fewandfarcollective Winter range. So damn stoked on all this and can’t even wait to share it. Available soon

Here’s the final of the @sailorjerry piece that I finished yesterday at Rites of Passage Tattoo Convention! (Thanks for the photo @mitchs23)

It was sold however it fell through last minute so it’s currently back for sale! If you’re interested please email to enquire 🏇