Finished. It was fun to paint something for myself, my own sanity and at my own pace for once! R.I.P PAC.


Got rained on but pushed through. RIP 🙌


Gap fillin’ at @josh_killermerch HQ 🔪

Have you checked out @fewandfarcollective’s WINTER ‘14 range yet?

It’s my biggest and proudest work to date and it wouldn’t have been possible or executed as well as it was without the help of @melissafindley @cold_waters @iamallarna @josh_killermerch @honey429_ @thomasdavenport - I love and owe you guys thank you all so much.

Reworked an old classic for @catmcneil and sent it on its way to NYC! Thanks again, was a blast!

"Find a job you love and you never work a day in your life"

I’m featured in this months German “Tattoo Kulture’ magazine and very happy about it. Lost for words, too. Thank you so much guys - you made my day.

Was good to break out of the studio and paint the new cocktail menu for @laundrybar and @redbullau - Bummed I had to drive and not stay and sample them all ha ha 🍸

First painting in a minute. Feels good man

New design for soon-to-be-released Australian brand ‘Journey Apparel’

Cheers @matt_journeys

Last minute design for @fewandfarcollective Winter range. So damn stoked on all this and can’t even wait to share it. Available soon

Here’s the final of the @sailorjerry piece that I finished yesterday at Rites of Passage Tattoo Convention! (Thanks for the photo @mitchs23)

It was sold however it fell through last minute so it’s currently back for sale! If you’re interested please email to enquire 🏇

This design will be 1 of 6 available at the Hit N Run booth at Rites of Passage Tattoo Convention starting tomorrow through Sunday. (HNR on the spot screenprinting. You choose your design and garment, pay $20 and it gets printed for you on the spot!)